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AppValley is a mind-blowing third-party app store that works on all iOS/ Android/ Windows/ Mac platforms. Many people’s favorite third-party app store is AppValley. However, some people have experienced some difficulties in AppValley lately. So they have started searching for AppValley alternatives. So here we came with a complete guide on the best AppValley alternatives that you can try.

What is AppValley?

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AppValley is a cross-platform third-party app store that brings uniquely featured apps, cracked apps, hacked apps, modded apps, ++ apps, game hacks, etc. The premium versions of the apps available in AppValley are more versatile and give a better performance. Therefore, many people like to have cracked premium versions of apps on their devices. Luckily, you can find a huge collection of cracked apps in the AppValley app store. Therefore, it is one of the most popular platforms where you can download cracked and hacked apps.

Why Use AppValley Alternatives?

Although AppValley is the best third-party app store available at the moment, we also have to find AppValley alternatives because of some of its issues.

  • We can’t always find the apps and games we are searching for in AppValley.
  • Sometimes, AppValley is not working due to the revoked certificate.

It is really hard to find the right alternative to AppValley because AppValley is really good at what it does, though it has been revealed with mini issues lately.

The Best AppValley Alternatives

In this review, we have collected some AppValley alternatives. They have simple and user-friendly interfaces and come with a wide range of free and cracked premium apps. Some of them are Android app stores, and some of them are iOS app stores. Also, we have listed some of the AppValley alternatives that work on both Android and iOS devices.

Disclaimer: We are not the developers of these app stores. We are only sharing the details of each of these app stores. We are not responsible for any damage caused to your smartphone or PC by using them. So, please bear your own risk.

    01. TutuApp

    TutuApp is one of the best AppValley alternatives when considering the great inventory, high performance, safety, and cross-platform compatibility. It brings regular updates, so more apps and app updates are added to its content each day. TutuApp has modified versions of some of the most trending games such as Pokemon Go, SnapChat++, etc., and also tweaks and ++ apps.

    With TutuApp, you get a faster and safe installation for third-party apps. It does not ask you to log in with your Apple ID or jailbreak/ root your device to install TutuApp. There are no revokes as it is designed with ensured safety. You can install the best-modded apps and games without voiding your device warranty with this special app store.

    TutuApp Download is available as both free and paid versions. You have to pay $12.99 per year for the paid VIP version, and you will get unlimited access to tweaked games and apps.

    02. TweakBox

    TweakBox is another popular third-party app store that you can use as an alternative to AppValley. You can download special apps and tweaks that are not available in official app stores by using the TweakBox app store. It is completely freeware so that you don’t have to pay anything to download apps from the TweakBox.

    This special app store gives modified versions of various apps and games. It includes some of the most trending apps like SnapChat, Instagram, Movie and Music apps, Emulators, Recorders, etc. You don’t have to jailbreak or root your device to download TweaksBox.

    03. Panda Helper

    Panda Helper is another powerful third-party app store that you can use instead of AppValley. It brings ++ and modded games such as Instagram++, Tinder++, SnapChat++, YouTube++, WhatsApp and other social media apps. You can also Download various game emulators through the Panda Helper app store. You can get games even from the older game consoles such as NDS, GBA, Nintendo, etc.

    When comparing Panda Helper with AppValley, the Panda Helper is smoother to use, and it gives a better downloading experience for users with a faster and more stable downloading speed. You can download apps without losing data even after disconnecting the network halfway.

    04. vShare

    vShare is famous as one of the first platforms to offer third-party apps and games for iOS devices. It is also one of the first app stores to give away the opportunity to download paid iOS apps for free.

    The features of the vShare app include:

    • Supports all devices running on iOS 8/+.
    • Completely safe to use.
    • It brings lots of unofficial apps and games.
    • It works on Android smart devices as well.
    • There are plenty of apps and games to choose from in the vShare app store. It includes themes, game emulators, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. as well.
    • vShare gets regular updates with new content.

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    05. AppCake

    AppCake is one of the most popular app stores for iOS devices. It has a large user base that comes with a very active community forum where users are allowed to share their user experience with other users. AppCake gives 24/7 customer support for all the queries and concerns of users.

    This special app store has a wide range of some of the latest released iOS apps with free and paid premium differences. If you are an iOS gamer, AppCake will be the home to some gaming apps. Thanks to the simple and attractive user interface, you can easily navigate through this app store. AppCake is a lightweight app store that offers a faster download experience.

    06. TweakDoor

    TweakDoor is another trending alternative that you can use instead of the AppValley app store. It is enriched with a variety of apps and tweaks. It does not ask you to jailbreak your iDevice to download it so that you can download third-party apps without voiding your device warranty.

    The best thing is Apple cannot track your usage in TweakDoor as it does not ask you to enter your Apple ID when installing it. TweakDoor is very much similar to the famous Panda Helper, and its developers have added the most popular apps, tweaks, and emulators to its content.

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    07. AppEven

    AppEven is another one of the AppValley alternatives that you can use on your iOS device. Unlike any of the above-mentioned alternatives, AppEven does not have an impressive database. However, it still has some important modded ++ apps such as Instagram++, SnapChat++, and loads of other options. You can also find tweaked games such as Pokemon GO++ and many other popular gaming emulators from this app store.

    AppEven Features includes:

    • No need to jailbreak iDevices to install it.
    • It does not require the Apple ID to install.
    • Easy to use and install.
    • You can get paid for free from the AppEven app store.
    • You can download AppEven on all iOS versions running iDevice models.

    08. 9Apps

    9Apps is one of the most popular AppValley alternatives that you can use on your Android smartphone. It is, in fact, one of the most widely used apps all over the world. It is basically like a play store, which is run by the famous Alibaba group.

    The 9Apps store offers many different apps. Millions of people from all over the world are downloading it because it offers special apps and games, as well as various kinds of music, wallpapers, and pictures for free.

    In addition, the 9Apps app store also brings many apps that are no longer available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Some of them are Vidmate, Ucmini, SnapTube. You can download them free from this special app store.

    The features of 9Apps include:

    • 9Apps consumes less space from your device’s memory or space as it is a small file.
    • Unlike other third-party app stores and official app stores, 9Apps will allow you to install apps offline.
    • This is a very popular app store as more than 5 million global users are currently using it, and the popularity rises day by day.
    • There are no limits or restrictions for downloading apps through the 9Apps store. Therefore, you can download unlimited third-party apps and tweaks through it.

    09. TopStore App

    TopStore is a new third-party app store that you can use as an alternative to the AppValley iOS. It works as a good alternative for TutuApp, TweakBox, and Panda Helper as well.

    The features of the TopStore app includes:

    • It brings exclusive apps like jailbreak tweaks, emulators, screen recorders, etc.
    • You can find a huge list of iOS apps and tweaks for iDevices.
    • It is enriched with some of the coolest tweaks on the planet.

    10. Asterix Installer

    Asterix Installer is another AppValley alternative that allows you to install paid apps for free. With this special app store installed on your device, you can get access to over 100,000 tweaked, and ++ paid apps for free.

    However, unlike other AppValley alternatives, the Asterix Installer has pop-up ads, and it did not come up with a new update for one year.

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