Appvalley unavailable

AppValley is a new iOS app installer that provides a large number of unapproved third-party programs for the iPhone and iPad. However, it can sometimes result in troubles such as Appvalley unavailable. We’ve created a special guide on this page to help you fix Appvalley unavailable problem with other related difficulties.

How to fix Appvalley unavailable?

If you don’t see the “GET” option beside each program and the download button says Appvalley unavailable, it’s because Apple has revoked AppValley’s developer profile certificate. Before the AppValley staff can obtain new certificates, the solution must wait 24-48 hours. The Appvalley unavailable button will go, and the “GET” button will reappear. In the meantime, we recommend using alternate app installers to download programs.

How to trust Appvalley?

To trust AppValley, go to your home screen and click the app icon.

After clicking the app, remember the developer’s “name” in the box, then click Cancel.

Now go to Profiles > General > Settings > General > Profiles.

Select the Profile from Step 2 and click the Trust button, then click Trust again to finish.

Return to your home screen and try the app once more. It should now work.

How to Use the AppValley App?

After downloading, go to your iPhone or iPad’s home screen and open the AppValley app.

Wait for it to open properly before selecting your favorite app category.

You now have the option of browsing through the available apps or adjustments or using the Search bar.

Or else, 

Simply install the app from the Official Download Page again to fix the problem Appvalley unavailable.


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