Appvalley unavailable apps

There is no secret that, among iOS users, the Appvalley app store is getting popular. This is the most reliable and alternative secondary app store for Apple users that previously use Cydia and this is the highly recommend Apple app alternative store that you can be freely downloaded. While the situation flows like that, several issues appear on Appvalley, most commonly, “Appvalley unavailable apps” is highlighted.   If you face this type of error, then let’s see what are the available solutions to get the app back to normal, from Appvalley unavailable apps. 

Error Appvalley unavailable apps 

The main reason is for Appvalley unavailable app can be because of “Untrusted enterprise developer”. To fix this error, you can simply follow settings > general section > select app profile> tap on select AppValley. Finally, you can tap on  “Trust the App”.

Appvalley unavailable apps are sometimes caused because Apple revoked those Appvalley apps and certificates. This affects some relevant tweaked apps. To get avoid this issue, you can install a supportive Anti Revoke VPN. 

Then Anti Revoke VPN could be able to block access powers to Apple servers. Therefore Apple, cannot revoke the certification. Then you can be enjoying download Appvalley and getting apps, tweaks, and many more functions without facing Appvalley unavailable apps. 

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